The Hurly Burly Show

Even after a couple of mellowing glasses of wine consumed over a pre-show
meal, my male companion was (like a completely sober me) distinctly
unimpressed by this repetitive and, for the most part, tediously
unimaginative show.

Billed as a contemporary burlesque review, this bump and
grind offering was as sexy as a cold shower, the Hurly Burly Girlys often
seeming uncomfortable when called on to interact with a member of the same

The first half is dominated by bland if serviceable American crooner Spencer
Day and a lot of wiggling by the scantily clad Girlys, but there’s little
variety or fluidity as the minimal layers are removed to reveal the almost
(but not totally) bare flesh beneath.

Even fire-eating Kitty Bang Bang’s
attempt to add a bit of excitement fell flat as the flame on one of her
strategically placed nipple tassels extinguished itself before a single

Things looked up marginally with the appearance of Miss Polly Rae, a
sweet-voiced songstress with a taste in elaborate costumes who dresses up as
a naughty nun pleasuring herself on a crucifix and Marie Antoinette on the
way to the guillotine.

But this is a very thin show, lacking in real sauce or sensuality and
(despite input from Kylie collaborator William Baker) only a half-cocked
celebration of the female form.


Garrick, Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0HH (0844 412 4662)
Tube: Leicester Square
Until May 1
£25.50 – £40.50

– Louise Kingsley