This is a gentle domestic comedy of an ordinary, if quirky, family going about  everyday life with all the joys and frustrations that involves.

Mum’s a positive-thinking dinnerlady who likes to experiment with her cooking (courgette muffins, anyone?), dad’s a milkman with a milk float that’s falling apart and a business which (thanks to the local supermarket) is rapidly going the same way.  Meanwhile daughter Sophie is working towards her black belt in ju-jitsu and their gay son Billy, an avid Dolly Parton fan, is desperate (or at least he thinks he is) to get into a London art school.

Funds may be limited, and dreams can be dashed at any age, yet there’s a lot of love circulating through this Yorkshire household – and gawky trainee plumber Pete (Andy Rush) adds a touch more. Nothing earth-shattering happens, but Tamara Harvey’s affectionate production is well-acted, often very funny and manages to spring an unexpectedly watery surprise. 

Bush Theatre, Uxbridge Road, W12 8LJ
Tube Shepherds Bush tube
Until December 17