Whether you’re planning a special anniversary celebration, a summer holiday escape or a weekend city break, these are some of the most popular destinations for holidaying couples to choose from. Wherever you’re headed, ensure you’re both covered for any unforeseen events by applying for an EHIC.


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The top romantic destination for a weekend city break is of course the beautiful and romantic capital of France. Paris has lots to offer, from unique boutique hotels to excellent cultural offerings. A great way to start a trip to the city is to climb up the to the top of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Originally built in 1889, the tower offers breathtaking views of the city and is a great way to take in the historical beauty of Paris. Any trip to Paris would of course not be complete without visiting the Musée du Louvre. The Museum is one of the largest in the world and is home to the world-famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Another cultural offering that will add a little romance to your visit is the Musée Rodin, where you will be able to see Rodin’s most famous sculpture, The Kiss. 


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Dubai offers the epitome of luxury with year-round sunshine and some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world. The waters surrounding Dubai are home to many artificial islands, the most iconic being the Palm Island. The island, which stretches out into the crystal clear blue sea, has its own hotel with a private beach and an award-winning restaurant. The city’s skyline is also very impressive, with the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, towering over the city. If you make the trip to the top of the building you will be rewarded with fantastic views of the surrounding city.


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Amsterdam has lots to offer with beautiful buildings from the 17th century and an exciting, world-renowned nightlife. The city is networked with tranquil canals, which are a great way to explore. You can even take boat trips that travel along the canals and highlight the city’s famous landmarks. A must-see on any trip to Amsterdam is the Anne Frank Museum, which contains her original diary and notebooks. Amsterdam also has some great shops and the fantastic shopping centre, The Magna Plaza, is also a UNESCO monument.


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What can be more romantic than the city that provides the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? Verona offers beautiful architecture, excellent shopping and, of course, delicious Italian food. Verona has many local delicacies for you to sample, including Casconcelli, which is a special ravioli stuffed with parmesan and salami. If you want to experience the romance of Romeo and Juliet you can visit the Cast di Giulietta which is a house that has become a tourist attraction, as it has a balcony perfect for recreating the play’s famous scene. The city also has a great history for you to discover with a 14th century castle sitting on the banks of the river Aldige.