Has the Queen gone a bit nutty over her nuts? A jury heard today that the Queen was so fed up of police officers eating nuts and Bombay Mix left out at Buckingham Palace that she marked the bowls to see if any had been eaten.

The unsavoury details were revealed today at the Old Bailey during the trial into alleged phone hacking.

The jury also heard that the Queen sent out a memo ordering the coppers to ‘keep their sticky fingers out’.

The details of the salty exchange came out in an email between former News of the World royal editor, Clive Goodman, and former News of the World Editor, Andy Coulson, in March 2005. Clive Goodman wrote: “The Queen is furious about police stealing bowls of nuts and nibbles left out for her in the apartments in the BP Queen’s corridor. She has a very savoury tooth and staff leave out cashews, Bombay mix, almonds, etc. The problem is that police on patrol eat the lot. The Queen is so narked she started marking the bowls to see when the levels dipped.” He added: “Memo now gone around to all Palace cops telling them to keep their sticky fingers out.”

Prosecutor QC Andrew Edis said: “Apparently they were helping themselves to nuts. They were all being scoffed by police. That irritated Her Majesty apparently.” He added that the allegations were “unproven.”

Image credit: Getty Images