Seeing pink flamingos splash contentedly in the stream running through the manicured garden, it’s easy for visitors to forget they’re on a rooftop in central London, seven storeys above the hubbub of the Kensington High Street.

But then again, there’s not much about the Roof Gardens that’s typical.

As well as being home to a super-funky night club and a sumptuous restaurant, it boasts 1.5 acres of green space, including a Spanish garden, an English woodland (home to the flamingos), and 
a Tudor-themed garden.

All are truly magnificent, providing a unique London backdrop for an original and lavish night out that’ll make every one of your mates back home green with envy.


» 99 Kensington High St, W8 5SA High Street Kensington. (

Verdict: Great for a splurge