The 1016ft building was illuminated in blue, green, purple and gold and lasers on a clear night in the capital.

Crowds crammed rooftops and every other vantage point to catch the show.

Llewellyn Cass among the masses and said he enjoyed the show.

“It was sweet,” he said. “There were huge crowds, which I found a bit surprising.

“The laser show was very impressive. It was a good night out.”

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However, fellow Londoner Ruth Board said she wished she’d stayed at home.

“It was boring,” she said. “I saw it from the top of another building and it was underwhelming.

“I was expecting music and razzamatazz, but there was nothing. They didn’t do any patterns or anything with the lasers.”

The £500m Shard also experienced criticism in recent days for the price it charges to visit its viewing platform.

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At more than £87 for a family of four, a 30-second, 800ft trip in the lift to the 68th floor vantage point works out at more than £10 a foot.

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