Supper Club

The scene: The notion of eating dinner in a stranger’s home is all very Come Dine With Me, but the joy of Supper Club is that you don’t have to return the favour (and there’s no bitching behind people’s backs). Our host for the evening is John Carmichael, a language professor with a passion for cooking, who has transformed his spacious dining room into a 16-seater restaurant for the night.

Our waitress is John’s bubbly daughter Sophie, and my friend and I have the choice of either dining alone or joining a mix-in table. We opt to join a friendly couple to eat our dinner with. Guitarist Simon Prager provides the entertainment between the main and dessert with two comical blues numbers.

The menu:
There is a set menu and diners bring their own booze. My starter is a flavoursome caramelised endive with serrano ham, which was delicious. For the main, I have a delectable lamb dish which is served with butternut mash and green beans, while dessert was melt-in-the-mouth lles flottantes. If this was Come Dine, I would have given John a ‘10’ scorecard during my taxi journey home.  

Bill please:
The recommended minimum contribution is a very reasonable £20.

Gorgeous food in a convivial setting. Great for sociable types who like to try new things.


07795 411517

– Janine Kelso