Online Casinos Take Advantage of Technology

Casino gaming has become quite popular in recent years. With the great leaps of progress made in the development sector and with the help of modern technology, live casino games are able to simulate the real deal. 

Consequently, you can now experience the games first-hand in your favourite casino. With the increasing global trend of playing online casino games developers have had to up their game to ensure that digital casinos sport the highest integrity without negatively impacting on players’ entertainment. 

There is no doubt that online casino gaming is the future, so it should be no surprise when you see websites trying their best to educate players on the best live blackjack gaming environment, such as

While there are many live casinos which you can use, none of the success of online casinos would be possible without the technology behind them. 

Using Tech to Keep it Fair and Professional

The most important element in the successful streaming of live games is its clarity and lack of any delay. Modern technological breakthroughs have made it possible to utilize smaller yet more powerful cameras for live streaming with little delay. 

With the use of modern technology, live casinos use a number of tools to ensure that all live casino games are fair with no sort of fixing taking place. They’re able to do so by making sure of a number of things.

Gaming Units

The GCU, short for the Game Control Unit is a software attached to every table used in live casinos. It is safe to say that online casinos would not be possible without them as they help dealers running the game. The GCU ensures that all games are fair and as transparent as possible. 

One way it does so is by making the dealer’s activities available when the game is being streamed so that there is no room for any sort of rigging to take place. All dealers chosen for online casino games are experienced. No online casino gaming website will hire a dealer who is not experienced as it reflects badly on the website itself.

Dealers are expected to go about their tasks as they normally would in a game in an actual casino. This adds into the realism of the online game. Players can ask dealers questions while the game is happening and can even consult with online support agents – available through a live chat box – if they have any questions about the games.

Monitors and Cameras

Monitors are made available while a casino game is being livestreamed. All players are required to have a webcam, so they are visible to both the dealer and other players. Through this feature, they can talk to one another during the game as well. 

The monitor and webcams on the dealer make it possible for players to see the dealer’s actions. While players have a right to remain anonymous, they must keep their web cams at an angle which reveals their status online. They can turn the camera at an angle which hides their faces, but they must have a webcam on them while playing. It’s all done to ensure that transparency remains.

OCR Technology

A lot of online casinos have started using the OCR technology. OCR stands for Optical Camera Recognition and it captures all the activities taking place during a livestream such as the spinning of the wheel, cards shuffling and so on so that the players know what is happening in real time. 

It helps to make the game even more realistic and cuts down any chances of the game being rigged, or the players feeling as though there was some bias against them. Additionally, with the help of OCR technology, casinos are able to make sure that the players on webcams also do not partake in any cheating during the game.