The Titanic Exhibition

Amazingly, 98 years after the unforgettable sinking of the ‘Unsinkable Ship’ the Titanic has re-emerged at the 02 Bubble. Visitors quite literally step on board, as they receive a re-created boarding pass the same as the one used by the actual passengers who set off from Southampton in 1912.

They are then lead on a tour through re-constructed rooms, that shows the lives of the extremely wealthy, underprivileged, and the hard-laboured lives of workers in the boiler rooms.
Personal belonging piece together the history of passengers, and visitors can watch never seen before footage from the recent voyage, that also uncovered the ship’s porthole, wheel and telegraph, which are all also on display.

O2 Bubble, Peninsula Sq, SE10 0DX
Tube: North Greenwich
Until May 1