I’d rather not lounge on a beach for two weeks straight, as I’d rather be surrounded by luxury in a large casino grand hall with smartly dressed people and a cocktail glass full of the good stuff. Casinos have always been big business, but over the past few years the need for large-scale gambling resorts has been growing and there are now some cities (or city states) on this planet that are almost solely designed for fun and responsible hedonism. Below are five such cities.  

5. Singapore

Starting off with the first of three city states, Singapore is a new player in the gambling world, but since 2005, it has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. It isn’t too farfetched to think that in another 10 years or so, Singapore may rival the likes of Macau and Las Vegas.

4. London – UK

Being the capital of the home nation of James Bond, the most famous fictional poker player in the world, it is no surprise that London is a prime spot for casinos. With a large array of very extravagant and exclusive casinos, there’s no place like it to feel like royalty, especially as The Empire and The Clermont Club are two of the best in the world.

3. Monaco

Considered by most to be the gambling capital of Europe, this principality state on the French Riviera is home to – quite possibly – the world’s most famous casino, the Monte-Carlo, a name synonymous with gambling itself. The French Riviera is quite possibly the most exclusive area on the planet, and Monaco the pinnacle of this private and fashionable world … plus, you get front row seats to watch the Grand Prix which thunders through it’s quaint streets.

2. Macau – China

Whilst the gambling laws in China are a bit hazy at best, this special administrative region of the country (like Hong Kong) is, outside of the US, the best place for casinos and gambling in the world. On a tropical island of the coast of China lies this palatial resort that has every gambling experience under the sun, and being only a stone’s throw from Hong Kong itself, the island sees tourists in their millions. And as anyone who has been there will tell you, there really is no place like Macau to spend Chinese New Year as this article on casinowebsites.com can attest.

1. Las Vegas – USA

Was there really going to be anywhere else on the top of this list? Whilst Reno or Atlantic City could have been on the list somewhere, when it comes to cities of gambling, there is nowhere quite like Las Vegas. Whilst New York is often known as the city that never sleeps, it pails in comparison to the splendour and energy emitted by Las Vegas, a city that will be forever immortalised in literature, television and film, with the likes of Casino, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas … and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation …