Owner Giovanni Paradiso posted a picture of the menu on Instagram on Saturday night, claiming New South Wales police had said that the wine list was “promoting unsavoury antisocial behaviour.”

“Sydney what the fuck is happening,” came Paradiso’s reply.

Police arrived at the restaurant expressing concern over a blackboard listing available wines. They suggested it endorsed heavy drinking, didn’t make clear that the restaurant served food and made reference to free wine.

The NSW government has announced a one-year extension to its ban on all new pub and club licenses in Kings Cross and Sydney’s centre, disallowing people from entering premises after 1.30am.

The law has been blamed for ruining nightlife.

Statistics suggest that drunken assaults had decreased by up to 40 per cent in Sydney CBD, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for casinos, where the 1.30 am rule doesn’t apply. Reported assaults are up a staggering 88 per cent.