A new study compiled to coincide with Valentine’s Day has unveiled the top ten list of holiday destinations where couples are most likely to end their relationship – and the locations that spell disaster for rocky relationships include Paris, Dublin and Venice.

Although most people would assume that a trip away with a partner would be nothing short of romantic harmony, the poll, the brainchild of VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, has found that a large number of Britons have split up with their significant others whilst on holiday together.

2,487 UK-based adults who had been through some kind of holiday break-up with an ex-partner were interviewed.

The unlucky-in-love participants were asked how long ago the holiday break-up had taken place, with the majority (68%) stating it had occurred within the past five years. Next, those polled were asked to disclose where in the world they had been holidaying when they split up with their partner – and the top ten destinations are as follows:

1. Paris – 13%

2. Dublin – 11%

3. Venice – 10%

4. Barcelona – 8%

5. New York – 8%

6. Tenerife – 6%

7. Malia – 3%

8. Alicante – 3%

9. Sharm el Sheikh – 2%

10. Marmaris – 1%

Image credit: Thinkstock