It’s 1936, the King is about to abdicate and cynical, debauched reporter Casey O’Brien is desperate for a scoop so that he can pay his bill at the swanky Savoy Hotel.

His sights are set on tracking down English aristocrat Guy Rose who’s just left wealthy American Clarence Cutler standing at the altar, little realising that the dowdy youth flaked out under his bed post-party is in fact the man in question.

A quick makeover, a trip to Paris, some strategically placed fans at the Follies, a shared interest in the Scouts and, despite the machinations of Ben Kavanagh’s bitchy jilted Clarence, it all comes out happily at the end.

The tunes are amiable if forgettable, but Gene David Kirk’s production (the UK premiere) is fun while it lasts, with Craig Fletcher’s Guy neatly carrying off the transformations between desirable socialite and geek on order to convert commitment-phobe Casey to the joys of marital bliss, and choreographer Lee Proud miraculously packing five dancing couples onto the postage stamp stage in this light-hearted romance with a subversive twist.
Jermyn Street Theatre, SW1Y 6ST, £20
Tube | Piccadilly Circus
Until 20th December