Privileged, pompous and destined for a lifetime of entitlement, the ten
student members of Laura Wade’s fictitious Riot Club have an unshakeable
belief in their inherent superiority and the power of money and class to
excuse any bad behaviour.

Her vividly executed new play shines a critical
light on the loutish activities – puerile initiation ceremonies; excessive
drinking with bin bags at the ready, the mandatory postprandial trashing of
private property – indulged in by this small selection of the elite.

Turner’s strongly cast production proves horribly entertaining (David
Dawson’s gay Hugo, a don in the making, particularly impresses). But it’s a
lousy advert for Oxbridge – and an even worse one for aspiring PM David
Cameron, a former member of the exclusive Bullingdon which this roistering
dining club reputedly resembles.


Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, SW1W 8AS Sloane Square tube
020 7565
Until 22nd May (£10-£25)


Louise Kingsley