Set some time in the future after over twenty years of drought, the loos have been privatised, and the poor are queuing up to pay to pee.

Simon Paisley Day’s sinister tycoon Caldwell B.Cladwell has taken control of the water supply and anyone caught short or unable to pay is packed off to the mysterious Urinetown whence no one has ever returned. But rebellion is in the air (there’s more than a hint of Les Mis and of Brecht in this enjoyable parody with its environmental concerns and digs at big profit corporations) and handsome hunk Bobby Strong (Richard Fleeshman) is stirred into action when his dad is carted off after relieving himself against the wall and he himself falls for the boss’s daughter.

On Soutra Gilmour’s impressive split level set, the rich sip water above whilst the ragged poor beg Jenna Russell’s lavatory attendant for admission below. The audience is all set to sing along to the rousing gospel number Run, Freedom, Run and with Jonathan Slinger’s thuggish police officer and Karis Jack’s sceptical Little Sally commenting directly to the audience, Jamie Lloyd’s busy, vibrant, unforgettably-titled production  could well turn into a cult hit.

When: Until May 3

Where: Apollo Theatre

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