Well, that’s according to the results of the inaugural GoEuro Beer Price Index.

Buying a beer in the Norwegian capital will set you back an average of €3.55, a cost significantly higher than in Zurich (€3.04) and Tokyo (€3.03) in second and third place respectively.

Many of the cities in the top 10 most expensive destinations in the world provided no surprises, as London (€2.13), Singapore (€1.92) and Hong Kong (€1.84) all featured high up in the rankings. The appearance of Rio de Janeiro in tenth position, with an average cost of €1.72, may turn a few heads – but it’s just an indication of Brazil’s rapidly escalating living costs and gives travellers a small insight into the cost of attending this month’s World Cup.

At the other end of the scale, Poland’s capital Warsaw was found to be the cheapest city for buying a beer, with an average cost of just €0.79. Both Germany and the Czech Republic lived up to their reputations as beer-friendly countries. The study showed Berlin to offer the second-most affordable beer at an average cost of €0.82, while Prague followed closely behind with €0.93.

A number of other popular destinations also came in under the €1 threshold, among them Lisbon (€0.96), Dublin (€0.98) and Mexico City (€0.99).