The story made headlines earlier in the week when This Morning host Eamonn Holmes asked Crystal Warren why she didn’t become a prostitute in light of her sex addiction.

Icing on the tabloid cake came today, however, when Warren decided it was time to spill the beans about her sex change , telling The Sun she was once a man.

Warren admitted there could be “a lot of angry men” out there after her confession but insists she was not trying to hide her sex change.

The claims will come as a surprise to her 1000 sexual partners but Warren, who began life Christopher Snowden, told the paper she knew she was female from a young age.

Warren didn’t have a full sex change until 2005, but was bought a skirt for her fourth birthday after her parents saw how much she enjoyed dressing in girls’ clothes.

In 2002 she began having hormone treatment and three years later went ahead with gender realignment surgery.

Since becoming a woman, Warren’s sex addiction has kicked in, she claims, and since 2005 the Brighton shop worker has slept with more than 1000 men, few of whom she has told she used to be a man.

“I didn’t try to hide anything but I wasn’t specifically asked about my past or the fact I wasn’t fully a woman for some of that time,” Warren said.

“I’m now just like any other girl who wants to enjoy my life after many years without the right body.”

Here’s Crystal Warren on This Morning.