Oh, did we mention that he’s been doing it since 1978?

The Louisiana resident’s jar of nails is pretty full now, and it all began back in the late seventies when he decided to keep his nail clippings in the box that housed his manicure kit, instead of putting them in the bin. Like a normal person might.

The manicure box was full in two years, but that didn’t deter Richard, who transferred his collection to a glass jar that now houses thousands of nail clippings.

Richard’s ex-wife was displeased by his collection, and used to hide the jar when they had visitors – but now Richard’s had the last laugh, as he’s made it into the newest Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! book.

“I haven’t told her,” he said, as quoted in the Huffington Post. “I’m waiting until I can show her the book. She’s always been annoyed by them.”

We bet she’ll be delighted for him.

Image via Thinkstock