Well, cubs actually. These three cuties are the latest arrivals at London’s Regents Park Zoo.

The Sumatran tiger cubs – a critically endangered species – were born on February 3 to mum Melati, after a 106-day pregnancy.

Hidden cameras have been observing the little mites 24/7 ever since, particularly because Melati’s first cub – the first to be born at the zoo for 17 years – drowned in a pool in her enclosure last year.

As an extra precaution, the zoo kept the latest arrivals secret for a month to let things settle down, although still no-one knows whether they are boys or girls.

However, the bolshiest of the three has been nicknamed Trouble, having been spotted waking up the others up when they fall asleep.

Strikes us that Trouble might be a bloke in that case…

Image credit: YouTube