The spiritual home of the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s capital (and heart and soul) is an intoxicating city. From the imposing Potala Palace that rises majestically over to the Jokhang Temple in the centre of town with its prostrating pilgrims and street vendors, it’s hard not to be enchanted by the stoic yet friendly locals and the spiritual power of Buddhism.

Mt Everest

The first time you glimpse the highest mountain in the world is a moment you’ll never forget. Whether you drive or trek to the northern base camp in Tibet, or do the arduous three-week trek to the southern base camp in Nepal, it’s worth spending a few days at the world’s highest campgrounds, gazing in awe at the peak.

Fantastic trekking

Some of the finest trekking anywhere in the world is to be had in the Himalayas. Nepal, in particular, is home to the justly famous Annapurna circuit. All up it can take about three weeks, but will be a journey through breathtaking scenery and remote villages.


Kathmandu is one of those cities that, upon arrival, you really and truly feel like you’ve arrived somewhere special – the sort of place you just can’t wait to describe to your friends back home. It’s full of narrow lanes, temples, bustling markets and a fantastic medieval-like atmosphere.