Caroline Garnar’s comment piece, published in The Independent on December 24, has so far had more than 2,000 Facebook shares and likes, and 176 re-Tweets (as of 29/12).

The public appear to agree with her view, with 105 ticking ‘strongly agree’ and only two ticking ‘strongly disagree’.

Public comments include one from Tom Octopus 2.0 stating, “Abbott is a clear case of someone who too often lets his cock do the talking…”, while TomGreaves argues, “It’s not Abbott that you should be worrying about; it’s the people that made him PM that you need to feel worried about…. Australia exists in another dimension to the rest of the west.” 

Here’s what TNT’s ed had to say. Feel free to leave your own comments here – we’d love to hear them!

‘Oh Tony. Why do you insist on putting your foot so regularly in your mouth? Perhaps if you wore a high heel it would prevent you from jamming it in there every five minutes. Plus I’m sure many Australian women would like to see you in a pair of stilettos while ironing and sorting the household bills. Apparently, though, that’s our job.

“Women are particularly focused on the household budget,” said Abbott when claiming his biggest achievement for women was repealing carbon tax. Apparently it will reduce the cost of electricity used when ironing. I’m sure women across Australia want to give him a pat on the back for that, hot iron in hand.

To be fair, Julia Gillard did try to warn us. She endured his eye rolling and sexist jibes during their campaign battle, leading her to slam Abbott as representing “the definition of misogyny in modern Australia”. The fact that he told us to vote for him because he had two “not bad looking daughters” should have raised a red flag too. But, alas, he won the 2013 election (perhaps we women were too busy ironing to vote?) and now we are subjected to sexist slip-up after slip-up.

I’m sure Aussie women have your sympathy, though. After all, British women have to put up with David “calm down dear” Cameron. At least the UKIP days of jokes about  “crumpet”, “sluts” and “women don’t clean behind the fridge enough” are over after Godfrey Bloom stepped down from the party. Although, just like the fridge, I am sure we are yet to see the back of it.

I appreciate that women are not the only victims of Abbott’s foot-in-mouth disease. He caused controversy with his “shit happens” remark when he was told that the death of Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney in Afghanistan was not down to any single factor, and he even roped Jesus in to back up his immigration stance, stating that, “Jesus knew that there was a place for everything, and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia”.

Alas, I don’t think Abbott will be removing his foot from his mouth any time soon. I guess I’ve just got to hope he uses his free foot to give himself a kick up the arse.’

See the piece as published on The Independent here.