Simply put nothing for now….there will be a period of time where politicians will do their thing but for now everything stays the same.   

Of course the immediacy of the result has caused stock markets to tumble and the currency markets to react, the latter will almost certainly affect you NOW. 


If you are moving money from Australia, New Zealand or wherever to the UK right now you will be getting a great deal.  The pound has hit a 30 year low so if you have money or you need a top up from the bank of mum and dad now is the time to do it. 

We have heard that the Common Wealth Bank and National Australia Bank have stopped currency trades into sterling and expect others to follow. 

Travelling to Europe 

Things just got a bit more expensive.  If you already have your money in pounds then you will get less bang for it in Europe currently.  It  will settle down, but for now be prepared to get a little less than you bargained for. 

Cheap Flights 

There are lots of cheap flight operators in the UK and across Europe, Ryanair, Easyjet, KLM, WOW and Norwegian Air are a few of our favourites.  In the short term it is expected that you will still be able to access cheap flights and of course the longer in advance you book the better the deal you can get.  However, once the dust has settled and a bit more is known about what the UK and Europe actually does it is almost certain that the cost of flights will become more expensive, by how much…who knows? 


Nothing changes, if you have a student visa,  a working holiday visa or simply a travel visa, there is nothing to worry about.  As to the future, the visa system will inevitably change as and when the UK leaves Europe and again this wont be for at least two and bit years.  The commonwealth countries have to all intents and purposes reciprocal arrangements with each other so travelling to them as young people have for decades on the working holiday and student schemes won’t change. Europe will do all it can to ensure the Schengen visa model stays intact, again time will tell. 

If youre already here, most of any changes will happen long after you have returned back home or you stay in the UK or Europe on some other type of work visa.   

So we say chill out, have a beer or two and carry on. Before you book your next flight or trip just take a quick check on the exchange rate or get mum and dad to pay.