For our Aussie and Kiwi friendsthe weaker pound is good news. Exchange rates in your favour, mean cheaper travel options and more beer for your money. 

The British are expecting an Australian style points system, which will allow more Aussie and Kiwis into the UK. While EU citizens will no longer get free movement within the United Kingdom. 

At time of going to press the Commonwealth Bank has suspended the exchange of British pounds.

“We are sorry but due to recent results from the British exit referendum we are temporarily suspending all foreign exchange of GBP pounds and transactions that do not include AUD until the morning of Monday, 27 June,” tweeted Commbank.

Australian migration to the UK has taken a hammering over the last ten years due to restricted immigration and visa rules, but it looks like things are about to change.

Is the UK a more attractive destination now to those travelling from outside the EU?