A new website allows visitors to rate the attractiveness of MPs by deciding which one they would rather shag.

Sexymp.co.uk them uses the choices to compile a running ranking of MPs’ sex appeal

Joseph Johnson ,Conservative MP for Orpington, is at the top of the men’s list, and Luciana Berger (Labour Co-operative Liverpool, Wavertree)  is leading the women’s selection. PM David Camern comes in at number 101 on the men’s list.

The web site is the creation of  Francis Boulle, an entrepreneur who recently appeared on the reality television show Made in Chelsea.

Boulle admited it was likely to cause offence.

“It will help people to know who their Members of Parliament are and lift the veil on Westminster,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

A Westminster source said that a number of MPs had been “browsing the site” since it launched last week.

He said: “It’s a bit of fun, but nobody wants to be at the bottom of the list and some MPs are just checking they are in a respectable position.

“Of course the attractive ones are quite full of themselves and expect to be in the top 10 and are a little disappointed when they realise they’ve not made it.”

But while some MPs claimed the website was harmless fun, others warned that it could deter more sensitive young women and men from entering politics.

Sheila Gilmore, a Labour MP, told the Daily Mail: “I don’t think sites like this are particularly desirable or helpful. We should be judged by what we say and what we do, not on our appearance.

“It can deter people from becoming MPs if there is too much of this sort of thing.”

However Jo Swinson, a Lib Dem MP whose husband, the Lib Dem Duncan Hames, came fourth, said she thought it was ‘relatively harmless’.

She said: ‘I guess it’s progress because at least men are included in the ratings too. Much more off-putting and demeaning things are said about MPs by bloggers than something which is a bit of fun.’