TNT has been playing cupid through its Desperately Seeking page since the days love letters were captured in glass bottles and cast into oceans.

But there was no hiding of affections behind the page of a magazine for four pretty young damsels and four brooding young men at today’s TNT Travel Show.

TNT’s Desperately Seeking a Travel Date (think Blind Date, but TNT’s Rebecca Kent giving Cilla Black a run for her money) was played out live on the main stage, pitting three ladies against each other for the affections of a man known only as ‘The Naked Busker’ and three lads for a chance to score a date with a lovely Kiwi, Natalie.

The crowd grew thick as a Canadian called Joe, an American called Michael and Australian, Jo fielded some probing questions from Natalie, including ”Where would you take me for a romantic weekend away?” and  ”If I was a table, what three items of food would you eat off me and what would you wash it down with?”. Finally, the three bachelors were instructed to show their best ‘pulling’ dance, to whoops of encouragement from the audience.

Eventually, it was mild-mannered Dave, who vowed to to eat Tim Tams off Natalie’s ‘table’ and whisk her off to  Egypt for a weekend, who struck a chord with the bachelorette. Apparently Joe’s inclination towards peaches because he ‘likes things furry’ and Michael’s propensity to get blind drunk, failed to impress.

If Natalie’s questions weren’t risque enough, Australian, Lindsay, who was vying for a date with The Naked Busker, alongside fellow countrywomen, Jo and Lorenza, kept things spicy.

When asked by The Naked Busker, who shocked the audience, and then the girls, by appearing on stage wearing nothing but his jocks, how she would embarrass him in front of his mum, she suggested ”by announcing that I’ve left my black lacy bra and knickers in your washing machine”.

He liked the sound of that, but the Queenslander then fell out of favour with the South African fella by announcing that she would lock him outside the house if he ever came home drunk and ”looking at risk of voimiting all over me”. Jo and Lorenza, however, vowed to take advantage of him.

Like the lads before them, the girls then twirled down along the stage, showing their best nightclub pulling efforts. The crowd’s reaction to Jo’s leg-pulling move was enough to seal the overall approval of busker man.

The pair, along with Natalie and Dave, each won a weekend trip away at a Generator Hostel in a European destination of their choice. A deserved win, and TNT wishes them sunshine and romance forevermore.