As the Alaska Airlines flight out of Seattle taxied down the runway, toddler Daniel Yanchak squirmed and refused to buckle his seatbelt.

According to Daniel’s father, Mark Yanchak, he had just managed to settle the tot down when the plane began heading back to the gate. He was then asked to leave the plane with his son.

Alaska Airlines stated that the pilot had chosen not to take off as a matter of safety, preferring to deal with the issue on the ground rather than mid-flight.

However, Yanchak, of Everett, Alaska, told KIRO-TV: “It was 23 rows [back]. It was pretty embarrassing.

“As soon as we got off the plane [Daniel] was like, ‘Dad, no fly, go home. Let’s go home.’ I think the whole ordeal just scared him off. He didn’t want to fly again.”

Alaska Airlines added that crew spoke with the father three or four times, with the youngster seen laying across his seat and the seatbelt near his neck at one point, before taking the decision to turn back.

Image: Getty

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