Writer Lawrence Wright’s new book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & The Prison of Belief, claims that Cruise has something of a demi-god status within the church and that other members honestly believe he will save the planet one day.

According to Scientology doctrine, every human being has an alien living inside of them who are in fact evil and are hell bent on destroying us and the planet that we live on.

While the secretive church have never detailed the ways in which Cruise will save us all it can only be assumed that he will have to battle the alien’s, presumably single handedly.

Cruise has become the public face of Scientology which is a hugely contentious religion in the United States where some people view it with mistrust and even outright hostility. Much like Tom Cruise himself, who also divides public opinion.

Whatever your personal opinion of Cruise is though, you’ve surely got to feel for the guy. He’s contracted to serve the Church of Scientology for the next BILLION years! That means he will actually be working long, long, LONG after he’s dead.

Can only hope that they’re paying him well for it, because a billion years of pro bono work would be a massive money drain, even for a multi-millionaire Hollywood actor.

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