A new study has revealed that, due to how inexpensive package holidays abroad are, the majority of Britons would now refuse to go on a traditional camping holiday – with the risk of ‘dirty’ campsites and ‘the potential for cold weather’ emerging as common camping turn offs. Of those who said that they wouldn’t go on a camping holiday, more than half would camp in order to attend a music festival.

The wide range of discount package holidays abroad has led to a fall in the number of Britons who would willingly go on a camping holiday, according to new research conducted by a money-saving website.

The team at www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk polled a total of 2,039 British adults aged between 18 and 65 for the purposes of the research, aimed at discovering Britons’ attitudes towards camping holidays and the lifestyle associated with them. In order to generate as accurate a set of results as possible, participants polled lived across an equal range of the different UK regions.

Respondents were initially asked if they had ever been on a camping holiday where they had slept in a tent, either abroad or in the UK. The majority (62%) revealed that they had done so previously. Of the 38% of Britons who had never had a camping holiday in tents, more than half (52%) admitted that they had been on a break during which they’d slept in a motorhome, mobile home, campervan or similar accommodation. 

When all participants were then asked if they would choose to camp for a future holiday, more than three fifths (61%) admitted that it wasn’t something they would do. When given a list of answers and asked to choose the main motivations behind their disinterest in camping holidays, the most commonly given responses emerged as follows:

1.      The range of cheap package deals means I can afford a better holiday – (68%)

2.      I find the idea of camping holidays too unhygienic/the camp sites could be dirty – (46%)

3.      Bad weather would ruin a camping holiday – (36%)

4.      I have grown out of camping holidays/I’m too old for it – (22%)

5.      I don’t have any camping equipment and wouldn’t want to buy it – (14%)

Despite 61% of those polled stating that a camping holiday would be out of the question as far as they were concerned, almost two thirds of these same individuals (55%) did confess to researchers that they would happily camp in a tent for the purposes of attending a music festival.

George Charles of VoucherCodesPro.co.uk said of the study: “Camping holidays bring back so many memories for those of us lucky enough to have partaken in them during our early years, but unfortunately they are just not considered cool or ‘the done thing’ anymore. The fact of the matter is that people don’t want to spend their long awaited breaks from work sat in a cold, damp tent and having to walk half a mile to the nearest toilet and shower; when they could be sunning themselves on a beach somewhere with an all-inclusive cocktail in hand for the same price!”