Tequila might be the cause of many weekend/weekday hangovers but we can’t deny that it’s earned its spot as one of our favourite spirits. Whether you prefer to enjoy it in an ice cold margarita or accompanied by a thick slice of lemon and dash of salt, here are the top Mexican bars in London to help you praise the drink in true Mexican style on the 24 July.

El Nivel  – London
%TNT Magazine% El Nivel
El Nivel is a no brainer if you want to celebrate National Tequila Day with a plethora of tequila ridden cocktails. The venue has a retro Latin feel and is owned by Tomas Estes, who is one, of two Tequila Ambassadors for Europe. It is a classy Covent Garden hangout suited for those looking to experience a unique taste of Mexico. 

Azulito Bar at Wahaca Soho – London
%TNT Magazine% Azulito Bar
Lurking underneath Wahaca in Soho is Azulito Bar; these guys stock more than 80 varieties of 100% quality agave tequila to ensure a wobbly exit on the 24th. They have a superb seating arrangement to sweep you off your feet and onto your behinds to ensure plenty of relaxation.  Make sure you arrive early to plonk your behinds in one of their swinging chairs! 

Chamucos Clubhouse – London
%TNT Magazine% Chamucos Clubhouse
Chamucos means “little devil” in Mexican which gives you an idea of the naughty happenings that go on in this tequila bar. Located underneath Crazy Homies in Notting Hill, it serves up eccentric cocktails and freshly prepared food. They also import Chamucos tequila and have their own unique cocktail recipes – we recommend the Chilli Margarita to get things heated up. 

Café Pacifico – London
%TNT Magazine% Cafe Pacifico
Café Pacifico strives to create an authentic Mexican experience as it extends open arms to locals and tourists alike. What’s special about this little Covent Garden haunt is that you can get your name engraved above the bar, but only after you pay and sink a £150 shot of 1800 Coleccion tequila. If you’re looking for a National Tequila Day to remember going here might prove to be a option. 

El Camion Soho – London
%TNT Magazine% El Camion
El Camion is a late night tequila bar located in the heart of Soho and below its floors is the Pink Chihuahua Room, a in the know members bar. In the past it’s had a helping hand from Dick Bradsell, the cocktail legend known for creating cocktail recipes like the Bramble which explains the impressive list of cocktails. It’s sure to be a hotspot for tequila enthusiasts on July 24.

Words: DesignMyNight. For more great bars in London and other UK cities follow them on Twitter at @DesignMyNight.