While you no doubt spend plenty of time planning where you’re going to stay while on vacation, what you’re going to do there, and what to pack, it’s a good idea to be aware of some of the things that could potentially go wrong during time away so that you can do your best to avoid them.

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From getting sick or injured, to losing passports, having money stolen, or even bad weather getting in the way, there are common problems that travellers all around the world have to deal with at times. If you’re keen to avoid the travel snags that most frequently occur, read on for the top things that make the list, plus some ways you can go about protecting yourself.

Sickness and Injury

One of the worst things that can happen during time away is getting either sick or injured. From suffering food poisoning, to falling over on slippery or unstable surfaces, or even breaking or spraining limbs (or worse) there are potential hazards no matter where in the world you travel.

It is always a good idea to take out comprehensive travel insurance before leaving for a trip so that you will be covered for medical expenses and other potential hazards if something unforseen happens. When you’re away from home, protect yourself by carrying your travel insurance policy details with you at all times. Also be aware that if you get hurt due to the fault of a business like a restaurant or hotel, you can generally always seek compensation for your injuries.

While travelling, make sure you have an adequate supply of all the medications you take, plus a backup script in case you need to purchase more. Also prepare a list of any allergies you have, so that healthcare staff can be alerted to them in case of emergency.

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To stay healthy on holidays, ensure you have any necessary immunisations before you depart, and be wary of drinking water or other liquids in countries that are known for having unclean drinking water or unsatisfactory sanitary conditions. As well, be sure to stay clean and show regularly, and to wash your hands with soap and water before eating or touching your face. 

Lost Passport

Another dreaded holiday occurrence is losing your all-important passport. To mitigate this nightmare scenario as much as possible, when travelling overseas, always have photocopies of your documentation, or access to scans of your passport. This makes it easier to organise a replacement and to prove your identity if needed. 

It pays to keep multiple copies of your passport in different areas of your luggage and handbag, plus a back up on your computer or available via the Cloud. In addition, leave a copy with a trusted family member or friend at home too. It is also wise to investigate the procedures for obtaining a replacement passport in the country or countries you are visiting so that you know what to do if you happen to lose your vital document.

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Cash or Cards Stolen

Sadly a common issue that occurs for all too many travellers is having cash or credit cards stolen. Pickpockets and organised gangs often tend to look out for tourists who are distracted while viewing local sites or by the people around them. Take precautions such as keeping your wallet or purse close to you at all times, particularly in crowded areas during peak season.

While travelling, stay on your guard for distraction techniques used by thieves, and try to house cash and cards in areas that are less accessible to pickpockets. It’s also always best to keep a copy of the phone number or website address of your credit card company in your luggage, so that if you have a card stolen you can report it immediately.

Unfavourable Weather

Bad weather can also tend to play havoc with holiday plans. If possible, travel to your vacation destination at times when the weather conditions will be most favourable, avoiding monsoon seasons or other times that might cause problems with conditions.

Of course, you should keep in mind what you want to do on holidays too. If, for example, you’re craving a beach holiday with sunny days and a temperate climate, don’t plan a vacation that lands you in the middle of a rainy season — no matter how good the deal might be that you can get! Regardless of your plans though, you’ll never be able to control the weather so be sure to pack helpful items such as a rain jacket, insect repellent, sunscreen and an umbrella.