Fat Biking in Aviemore

Up for an off-roading challenge? Rent a fat bike and conquer those snowy woodland-trails. Fat bikes are like mountain bikes but with oversized, wider tyres. Specifically designed for snowy, sandy or boggy terrain, these bikes will help you own those trails other bikes wouldn’t be able to cope with.

Bothy Bikes near to Aviemore train station rent fat bikes from £16 for an adult.


Snowshoeing in Perthshire

Strap on some snowshoes, grab some sturdy poles and head off into the hills across blankets of snow. Mains of Taymouth offer full and half day excursions, with (£65) or without (£35) a guide. Make sure you are properly kitted out.


Ice Factor, Glencoe

Suitable for couples, families and individuals alike, Ice Factor in Lochaber is perfect for some action. With a 40ft ice wall and outdoor winter skills courses onsite, practice your climbing technique and survival skills before heading out to the West Highlands to conquer your chosen mountain. There are instructors onhand if you are beginner and plenty of thin ice and rocky terrain if you are more experienced.


Cairngorm Dog-sledding Centre in Aviemore

Believe it or not Scotland has quite the dog-sledding scene and there’s no better place to try it than at the foot of the Cairgorms. Meet the dogs and go on a dog-sled safari and take in the breathtaking beauty of the snow dusted Cairngorms.


Take the Overnight Caledonian Sleeper back to London

Take yourself back in time to when train travel was king – enjoy some locally sourced food in the lounge car and then settle in to your own accommodation onboard. First Class or Standard class available, tickets to London from £75.