So if this week has had you rolling your eyes at bland dinner-for-two deals and hideous £2.99 cards, forget all that low-key crap.

1. Argentina

Instead sweep your loved one off to one of these places where they play the love game properly.The three-minute love affair.

The dance of love. It takes two to … you get the picture. We’re talking about the tango.

Once upon a time, before there was krumping and, um, daggering, the tango was considered the steamiest of dances – described as looking like a couple who are head over heels about each other and having a blazing row at the same time. Passionate, no?

The tango originated in the lower class districts of Buenos Aires and is thought to have started life in the city’s brothels.

It quickly became a more mainstream pursuit, popular for its drama, pace and the fact the dance is done with the dancers’ bodies held very, very close together.

In fact, there’s even a Spanish expression about tango which means: the embrace is more important than the step.

 A trip para dos to the sultry city of Buenos Aires – home of the sexiest dance on the planet – is up there with the world’s most romantic travel destinations.

There are heaps of milongas (dance halls dedicated to tango) across Buenos Aires, where you can order a bottle of cheap and heady Malbec, take a seat and watch some sizzling couples do it properly.

Try Rojo Tango or Piazolla Tango.

But really, if your visit here is going to count as an unmatchable gesture of love, you’re going to need to grab your other half by the hand and get stuck in yourselves.

Take lessons from one of the many tango schools in the city, such as DNI Tango , where beginners are welcome and group lessons cost £3.80 an hour.

You’ll soon be setting the dancefloor on fire.

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2. Belgium

In Belgium, chocolate isn’t just an indulgence, it’s a lifestyle.

And given that cocoa is considered something of an aphrodisiac, you’re guaranteed an intensely pleasurable trip to the home of the world’s finest delicacies. 

Try a chocolate-making session in Brussels, where you can learn to shape, fill and decorate your very own Belgian truffles.

Most tours also include free tastings too.

Planete Chocolat run demos from £5.30pp.

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3. Germany

A bouquet of roses? Nah. Think bigger. Much, much bigger. Head to the Europa-Rosarium in Sangerhausen, which is the largest rose collection in the world.

There are 75,000 rose bushes here, with an amazing 8300 species, including black, green and moss roses, from which to choose the perfect posy. Romantic or a little OTT?

We’re not sure, but at least dinner at the on-site restaurant, The Black Rose, should impress.

Entrance costs from £2.25pp.


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4. United States

Finders, keepers. Especially when it comes to diamonds. Luckily, the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas lets you do just that. 

It’s the only public site in the world where visitors can search for diamonds on top of a gigantic ancient volcanic crater and keep any precious stones they uncover, regardless of the value.

That’s a big deal, as the largest diamond found at the park was a whopping 3.03 carats, which can be worth thousands of pounds.

Entrance is £4.50pp.


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5. Japan

Hot, wet, steamy, naked = romantic, right? At many of the thermal springs in Beppu couples are actually allowed to bathe – just bathe, OK? – together. 

Usually Japanese onsen, as they’re known, segregate men and women, but here you can hop in the tubs together.

There are eight different springs in this town, along with a range of indoor and outdoor versions to suit your desires.

Opt for sand baths, steam baths or mud baths if you fancy something different.