Tulisa Contostavlos feels “lucky” to have lost her virginity when she was 14.

The N-Dubz star grew up in a tough area of London and admits she and her contemporaries indulged in behaviour such as drinking alcohol and taking drugs while in their early teens.

She said: “I was 12, I wanted to have fun. I didn’t want to go back to a one-bedroom council flat, crying myself to sleep at night."

“But it was naughty, people were smoking [marijuana[ on their lunch break. I was one of the lucky ones to keep my virginity as long as I did. There were kids s**gging in the toilets at the age of 12 in the break time."

“When did I lose my virginity? I can’t say too long, I was about to turn 15. It’s the environment we’re from, it becomes normal.”

Tulisa blames her wayward youth on being bullied at school, admitting she fell in with a “tough2 crowd in order to escape savage beatings from her schoolmates.

She admitted in an interview with Style magazine:

“My way of getting out of it was getting in with this really hard crowd – the hardest of the hard in the area. We were a wild bunch of girls but I was content being protected. Yeah we did naughty things. We pinched a couple of handbags and got into fights I wasn’t part of a girl gang though, we were just a bunch of troublesome chicks.”