Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at The Chocolate Museum

Located in Brixton, The Chocolate Museum was built in 2013 and has attracted thousands of tourists every year since its doors were thrown open to the public. The venue provides a detailed account of how chocolate is made and the history of this delicacy juxtaposed into the history of mankind. 

Choco-Tale, one of the museum’s most popular initiative, does just this while allowing visitors to sample them! Workshops in chocolate-making to ethically-sourced gift shop chocolates, this is the place to be in London if you have a hankering for sweets.

Sample the London Nightlife

The nightlife in London is notorious. Pub crawls, historic bars, haunted taverns- you name it! Free drinks are offered on different occasions, so all you need to do, is the pick the right night to do this. Keep a tab on their social media pages. 

Gambling is also big in London, with both high-stakes as well as low-stakes tournaments being held every night. If you’re feeling a little shy, you can even gamble from home. Sites, like Metal Casino, are quite popular for the ethical online gambling experiences they provide.

Soak in the History at Imperial War Museum

The British Empire has a rich history that extends far beyond its borders. Owing to the policy of colonial expansion undertaken by the British since the 17th century, the history of this country has seen a lot. However, the Imperial War Museum is not just about Britain’s military ventures, but also about how war has evolved in general. 

Galleries, guided tours and exhibitions, cafés and shops are there for you to explore within the minimum two and a half hours that the museum recommends its visitors to spend on its premises.

Laugh Your Heart Out at Angel Comedy

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Live comedy shows at Angel Comedy Club, one of Britain’s most popular laugh clubs, can seriously elevate the quality of your evenings. Seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and groups of more than eight members are requested to contact the club authorities separately to avoid chaos and confusion. 

Performers include both legendary comedians as well as newcomers, and the itinerary comprises stand-up, roasts, audience-interactive shows, among others. Indeed, their popularity has led them to open a permanent venue, named after Bill Murray.

Explore London’s Street Art at God’s Own Junkyard

Walthamstow is a neighbourhood that has garnered quite a reputation in London in the past couple years for combining art with urban phenomena in a way that reminds visitors of The Village. God’s Own Junkyard is one such symptom of the cultural awakening taking part in London’s offbeat neighbourhoods. 

It is a warehouse, comprising installations of various kinds, all in neon lights. The owner, Chris Bracey, got involved with neon lighting when he started making signs for brothels, and later, turned to working for Hollywood bigwigs, like Kubrick and Nolan.

Catch the Legendary Architecture of Notting Hill

Yes, the same neighbourhood that inspired the famous movie of the same name starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, Notting Hill is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in London. Set against the generally cloudy city skies, Notting Hill’s brightly coloured big buildings are truly eye-catching! 

It’s like a slice of rustic London within city premises, but livelier and much more charming. Besides the vivid colours, the architecture is also quite interesting with a combination of Colonial and Georgian all in close proximity, with interesting illustrations on the walls of some.

Get Lost in Austen’s World at Hyde Park

If you’re an avid reader of the classics, you must have come across Austen’s and even Bronte’s London with the green meadows and beautiful parks. While rapid industrialization has indeed taken a toll on what London used to be in terms of its natural beauty at one point of time, you can still catch a glimpse of an era bygone at Hyde Park. Swimming, boating, horse riding to simply having a nice day at the park with a good book and a sandwich, the experience is entirely free of charge.

Educate yourself at Gresham College

There is no ceiling on education and for those who are always willing to learn more, you could sign up for a free lecture at Gresham College and sit in on a lesson. Visitors have a diverse range of topics to choose from- politics, law, medicine, religion to more creative academic pursuits like art and literature, history, music, and others. Within these broader themes of discussion, the specific topics on which these lectures are delivered are one of their kind and an experience that you can in no way replicate.


Have yourself a wonderful weekend in London by taking your pick from this list and navigating this historic and mesmerising city!