If you’ve done it before and you want to do it again, good on you, you crazy fool. If you are yet to experience the power of bungy, the good news is that it is such a huge thing out here that there are tons of options, so you will likely find one that doesn’t scare the bejeesus out of you; for example, a harness bungy strapped to your torso rather than feet, options to swing rather than straight-down plummet, or there’s always the tandem jump – hey if you’re going down, you may as well drag someone with you. Read on to find out the top five places to get your falling fix in Australia and New Zealand.

AJ Hackett Cairns

AJ Hackett is literally the king of bungy, as its founder – Mr Hackett himself – brought the first ever commercial bungy jump to the world in 1988. It started in New Zealand, but Cairns is our number one as it’s the best in Oz. Voted as the second best activity in the whole of Queensland at our Golden Backpack Awards, travellers go mad for launching off the 50m-high platform with 16 jump varieties on offer from their very own ‘jump menu’.Take in the views of lush rainforest, mountains and waterfalls – even the Great Barrier Reef in the distance – before all this natural beauty blurs before your eyes as you freefall through the sky. The Cairns base is also widely known for being an awesome place to chill out pre- and post-jump – it even has a bar on site. Nerves? Sorted. $169,  ajhackett.com/cairns

The Ledge, Queenstown

The Ledge is a great option either for those who have bungeed before and just want to have fun with it, or those who don’t like the idea of perching on the edge of a platform before dropping like a stone.With this bungy you are attached around the torso, so you can take a run-up and jump. This means you get a better launch and you can mix your dive up with somersaults, twists and turns, or for you, er, ‘cool’ guys, there’s the karate kick and ‘Matrix’ backwards jump (complete with finger guns). You can even start with a handstand a la Tom Daley. $195, bungy.co.nz/the-ledge/the-ledge-bungy

Canyon Swing, Queenstown

This one is perfect for bungy novices – as it’s not technically a bungy. Rather than bouncing you up and down after you freefall, you swing like a giant pendulum. You are fastened into a chest and seat harness, which means you can jump in a variety of ways, so feet first, upside down – even attached to a chair. You can even avoid the actual jump by first of all being suspended out in a sitting position before releasing yourself (not, relieving yourself, hopefully) or getting the guys to do it. Just check the menu for their ‘clean pants’ scare scale of one to five to help you choose. $215, canyonswing.co.nz

Nevis bungy, Queenstown

This is New Zealand’s highest bungy, at a whopping 134m, meaning you get 8.5 seconds of freefall. That’s a long time to get your scream on.You start off in what looks like a Portakabin in the sky, before stepping into a cable trolley which takes you to the drop zone. Surrounded by craggy mountains, you dive down towards a winding river, which looks like little more than a thin piece of ribbon from so high up. You can watch divers before you through a glass area in the floor – it should help your nerves, seeing that they at least survive – but it doesn’t. Our advice? Don’t think, just go! $275, bungy.co.nz/the-nevis/the-nevis-bungy

Taupo bungy, Taupo

Jumping down over the River Waikato, you can even opt to get dunked with this 47m-high bungy. At least that way you can pass off that wet patch as a result of your dip in the river…You jump from a platform jutting out from the cliff face here, so there’s no wobbly cable trolly to worry about, and you can do a tandem jump if you want moral support.The guys in charge of your bungy can control how far you drop, so whether you want a full-body dunk, a finger-tip dip or you’d rather not get wet as you’ve just washed your hair, they can customise it accordingly. $169, taupobungy.co.nz