Capturing your last chances of sun-kissed skin before those 20 degree winters set in (brrr), the sand and sea are a siren’s call. Or leave behind the big cities and take a hike into nature before throwing yourself off a drop-dead gorgeous cliff side.

Whether it’s at your back step or beyond, the Easter break gives you the perfect opportunity to blow off steam and treat yourself to some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Here are a few of our Easter break favourites to give you some inspiration…


There’s hardly a better way to escape from the humdrum of work and study than to grab a car and some friends and do something that will really stimulate your senses. Smell the unpolluted air, hear the beating of waves against the coast, taste the sea salt on your skin, feel the sun on your face, and take in some of the most awe-inspiring natural sights that Australia has to offer when driving along the Great Ocean Road.

The name says it all really. It’s a road, next to an ocean, and it’s great! Whether you squeeze it into a day, or stretch it out over several, you’ll have the chance to explore some breathtaking sights such as the 12 Apostles and the Bay of Islands.

Take a few detours to visit the Great Ottway National Park, try whale watching at Warrnambool, or take a leisurely detour via the Bellarine Peninsula to visit quaint coastal towns and wineries. Perfect.


New Zealand is a country well-known for its untouched sceneries, and with so many natural wonders on the back porch of Queenstown, you’re spoilt for choice.

If your work life is getting you down, take a hike through nature before throwing yourself off a bridge at The Ledge or Nevis Bungy, to name a few. Being only a short drive out of the CBD, it’s perfect for a day trip for your nature or adrenaline fix, and you’re bound to experience a rush greater than any chocolate-induced sugar high could give you. 


After gorging on chocolate, what better way to relax than to collapse onto the beach and let the soft sand mould around your food baby, free of judgement? 

With the many beautiful beaches in WA to choose from, Dunsborough is one of the most popular seaside tourist destinations – indeed, in 2013 it was awarded the Top Tourism Award for populations under 5,000. Relax in the sun by day, head up to the nearby wineries in Margaret River for a relaxing drink or six, and then head back in time for a late-night dip on a secluded beach.


To many, Bali has become synonymous with Australians partying on a budget and behaving in a way that instills the highest degree of national pride.

However, this beautiful island is filled with rich culture that tends to be overlooked in one’s search for mushies and Bintang. Away from the tourism clutches of the south, venture to Sanur or Lovina to escape the party scene for a more relaxing getaway. See how the island still maintains its heritage through ceremonies, architecture, markets and traditional villages. When you can purchase flights to Bali that can cost less than crossing Australia, why wouldn’t you explore this gem?


If you want to use your break to explore closer to home, your back door can be the first place to look. The Gold Coast is where natives and tourists alike flock to sea to enjoy one of Australia’s most notorious beach and nightlife destinations.

Spend your day in the water then drag yourself back onto shore to dig your toes in the sand and soak up the sun. As the afternoon ticks on, trade in the pinks and yellows of breathtaking sunsets, for those of a tequila sunrise, and your evening is just beginning as the nightlife of this city by the sea comes alive.