Sydney-based IT director Feeney is the holder of the rights to Ireland’s next World Cup qualifier on September 6 – the early hours of September 7 in Oz – against Sweden, selling the rights to pubs, clubs and casinos able to open and link into his closed circuit Channel 33 in the wee small hours.

With these sales he hopes to recoup his deal which he said is in the tens of thousands – he’s also bought rights t to the England v Ukraine crunch qualifier on September 10.

He’s also keen to sell the rights to show the match in New Zealand and some Pacific Islands.

Feeney was inspired when he was miffed about missing an exciting 2-2 draw between Ireland and Austria.

”I thought then, that was it, there is no way I shouldn’t be watching this,” Feeney said. 

”So I’m going to try to buy the television rights.” 

Feeney’s borrowed against his house, extending his mortgage before taking his bid to the German TV rights company that holds Fifa’s overseas rights – he’s working with an Australian satellite broadcaster to get the game Down Under.

His biggest challenge though was his wife.

”Both our names are on the mortgage, and when I told her about the idea, I don’t think she was too crazy about it,” Feeney said. ”But if it works out, I’m hoping we can do more in the future.”

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