London gigs

Powderfinger’s decision to quit after 20 years was meant to culminate
in two massive gigs back in April. Then mother nature rudely intervened
with a spewing volcano. So cue some delayed gratification this weekend
as the BrisVegas rock legends treat London to one last run-through of
their hits…

food for free

At Trafalgar Square, there are dancing and boxing displays, music and
puppetry, but this event is really about the food. A string of London’s
best Thai restaurants will set up stalls, so make sure you wash it all
down with a nice, cold Singha beer.

The Deep

Scientists know more about the geography of the moon than they do about
the deepest parts of the ocean, so the murky depths offer fertile
ground for this kind of exhibition. Strikes a comfortable balance
between pictures of weird creatures, chronicles of deep-sea exploration
and an examination of issues of sustainability and conservation.

Covent Garden

In the heart of Covent Garden lies Neal’s Yard – a small courtyard of
shops and cafés that provides an oasis of hippydom a world away
from the nearby hustle and bustle. You can also visit the original
Neal’s Yard Remedies store, get a walk-in back rub, buy some beads,
visit Hair By Fairy and head upstairs to the awesome World Food

– this Friday

Contemporaries of The Sex Pistols and The Clash, The Damned
nevertheless put their own spin on the punk genre…