Jack Johnson: To The Sea – TNT review

It’s always good to see someone put his money where his mouth is, especially when there’s so much money at stake.

As he did in 2008, Jack Johnson has announced that he’ll be donating 100 per cent of the profits from his next world tour to an assortment of charities. At a time when musicians are making far more money from touring than from recording, it’s an inspiring gesture.

Unfortunately, Johnson’s benevolence doesn’t make his fifth album any more interesting than the four that preceded it.

Casual listeners will be hard pushed to spot any difference between the 13 drowsy, simple, mid-paced tracks found here and the rest of Johnson’s catalogue; aside from the brief jolt provided by the 7/4 verses of The Upsetter, there’s nothing here to grab attention, much less hold it.

With Only The Ocean, the record ends as it began: slowly and without much inspiration. Indeed, you may not even notice it’s finished.


Review: Will Fulford-Jones