If you are lucky enough to have access to this fantastic area for your corporate event then you are certain to want to pick out the best venue the city has to offer. There are all kinds of amazing places that you can host a party at in the West End of London, from exotic nightclubs through to exquisite restaurants. Or, if you have a taste for the unusual for your corporate event, you can even hold it in one of London’s most famous museums! Here are some ideas for great West End party venues:

The Playboy Club

While it may seem a bit old fashioned and possibly even sexist to go to a club where the main feature is attractive, half undressed women, the Playboy Club actually makes it all seem quite tasteful, and is somewhere your female colleagues may well enjoy as much as the men. The drinks and food are served by Playboy bunnies in themed dress (for Christmas they wear white costumes and are known as ‘snow bunnies’), but this is all done in a very ironic way that makes guests feel chic rather than seedy. You can also pop next door to Salvatore’s if you fancy a drink or want to talk business without the girls as a distraction! The Club can be hired out for corporate entertainment and you get a really good service for your money, which is why it is currently one of the top venues in London by venuesearchlondon.com.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

If you are looking for something memorable and unique as a base for your London party, then one option you may not have originally considered is hiring out one of the beautiful museums in Kensington. The Victoria and Albert museum is globally renowned for its incredible collection of international and historical artefacts, and when you have this beautiful building all to yourselves with dedicated waiting staff to bring you drinks and food it is a truly magical place to spend an evening. You can casually peruse the exhibits while enjoying delicious canapés and wine, and a party held in an iconic place like the V&A is certain to be one your guests will remember for a long time.

Jamie’s Italian

This beautifully furnished restaurant in Piccadilly is known throughout the West End for providing truly authentic Italian cuisine, along with a chic and friendly atmosphere. If you want a party that is more meal focussed than focussed on drinking and dancing or mingling and networking, then this is the perfect place to do it, with absolutely delicious food and attractive décor.

There are so many options in the West End that it is hard to begin, but whether you are going for glitz and glamour, something a little unusual, or just good traditional dining, there is always going to be a perfect venue for you!