The Christmas holiday season will soon be upon us. During the excitement, festive boozing, gift buying and celebrations, the fact that homes will suddenly be filled with gadgets and pressies that wouldn’t normally be there can be overlooked as a target for crime. The temptation for a burglar is also much higher now the evenings are darker so take time to check out these top tips for home security from Swann.


1.     Make the house look lived in – Turning on lights when no one is home in the winter months can deter burglars. Using SwannOne SmartPlugs, users can set rules to turn lights on automatically when it starts to get dark.

2.     Keep all valuables hidden – Where possible, hide presents in wardrobes, cupboards, under beds – anywhere that they can’t be seen through doors and windows.

3.     Keep an eye on anyone suspicious around the home – Keeping an eye on any suspicious behavior in the neighbourhood can help prevent a break-in waiting to happen. SwannOne security cameras for inside and out make it easy for users to monitor (via a smartphone or tablet) any strangers outside or trying to enter the property.

4.     Have a neighbour park their car in the driveway – If a home owner is going to be away for a few days, ask a neighbor to park their car in the driveway. It makes it look like someone is home.

5.     Make sure all windows and doors are firmly shut when leaving home – Leaving an entry path slightly open is a temptation for a burglar. SwannOne window and door sensors will send alerts to a smartphones or tablet to let users know someone has entered the home.

6.     Don’t leave notes for couriers saying no one is in – If a courier is going to arrive with a package, SwannOne works with Yale Digital Door Locks (among other connected home brands) and can allow users to remotely let drivers in for just a few minutes to drop off a parcel. The cameras can be used to monitor them too!

7.     Take all gift packaging out of site – Making sure all boxes are binned away from home is a good way to stop intruders realising what’s been added to an already festive filled house.