Barker’s prized pet Otto was also present at a recent meeting with energy firm bosses.

An inside source told the Daily Mail: “When [Barker] first arrived we had to watch our step, as the dog wandered around the office.

“We put up with that. But when he started using our microwave to keep the dog nice and snug with a heated cushion, it proved he thinks more of the dog than us.

“Some refused to use [the microwave] because of hygiene worries.”

However, another source close to Barker told the tabloid that Otto “really cheers the place up” and insisted that the cushion was heated in the microwave “just once”.

According to the Mail, only police and guide dogs are allowed in the Palace of Westminster.

Stop the press: an MP is flouting the rules.

Images: Getty/ Twitter/ GregBarkerMP

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