The crowd of women had gathered in the town of Pontyates, near Llaneli to see the much vaunted physique and tanned, Mediterranean features of a stripper known only as Fabio who had to cancel the show at the last minute and was hurriedly replaced by one Leon Zbudowskyj.

When the lights went down and Zbudowskyj stepped on stage the buzz of excitement that had been electric in the Baltic Inn before fell to a dead silence.

Zbudowskyj was dressed “scruffily” in a tracksuit and it became quickly obvious to all present that he had no routine, music nor indeed a particularly remarkable set of abdominal muscles.

“He looked like he had come off the street, he looked dirty, he was unshaven and he didn’t have a six pack,” said Debra Jones, the compare.

“He was diabolical, he was disgusting, he just didn’t have anything, no music, no dance routine. In fact he looked like he had been hit in the face with a wok. He just wasn’t the sort of person you wanted to see take their kit off.”

Instead of starting to dance, the 29 year old Zbudowskyj just stood in the spotlight with a blank look on his face, which quickly drew the ire of the crowd who began heckling at him to “get on with it” and threw balled up napkins at him.

“He looked like a crazed animal,” said one attendee who did not want to be identified.

“He just stood there, staring at everyone with a vacant look. It was immediately obvious he was no stripper.

The night then took a dark turn with a brawl breaking out between Zbudowskyj and members of the crowd, culminating in the 29 year old being arrested on suspicion of assault.

Needless to say that Viv Davies, who ran the night at the Baltic Inn would not be working with Zbudowskyj or Fantasy Strip – the agency that booked him – ever again.

“The ladies were not very happy with him and started booing,” he said. “It is not something that happens all the time and it was really quite unusual.”

However, Davies has seemingly refused to let the unfortunate incident detract from what she insists was still a “good night”.

“But it didn’t actually spoil much – it was a good night, everybody enjoyed themselves. We have even set a date for the next one – although I think we may steer away from firemen next time.”

This all just goes to show that hell hath no fury like a crowd of Welsh women scorned – particularly when they’re ten quid out of pocket each.