The body of Mamamou Barry, 47, may have lain in the front seat of his Buick for a week before it was eventually discovered in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon.

Parking attendants had dished out two tickets due to Mr Barry being parked facing the wrong direction on the wrong side of the road. The earliest, dating back to June 16, was found on the inside of the car. The second ticket was still tucked under the windscreen wiper.

Now cops are keen to discover exactly what the parking inspectors did – or didn’t – see on their rounds. They are also curious to learn why a third ticket was not issued on the day Mr Barry’s body was discovered despite the fact that cars parked both behind and in front of his vehicle were ticketed.

Mr Barry is believed to have died of natural causes. It is understood that he had various health problems, but preferred to drive himself to hospital when unwell. Speaking to the Daily News, his nephew, Mamdou Balde, said: “He was a good guy.”

In January a Welsh traffic warden issued a penalty charge notice to a wheelie bin that had been placed on double yellow lines.