If you do, you’ll love Fantasy Fest, a 10-day street party in Key West, which includes a fancy dress parade, costumed balls, competitions and drag queen parties.

Over 100,000 people attended last year – we calculate that to mean one heck of a lot of brilliantly silly outfits.

Why: Pinking Of You, a ferocious bidding war for men’s underwear, is one of the festival’s wackiest events.

But it’s not just any old grey pants that are on sale – local artists transform everyday unmentionables into works of art, which are then modelled during a live auction.

Do it because: Deep down, there’s nothing you want to do more than dye your hair (or beard) blue and roam the streets in
an outrageously camp number.

It’s heaps of fun and the crazy-costumed competitions also raise money for AIDS charities.

Florida, US
Oct 19 – 28


Image: Getty