Q: I’m going to New York and would like some advice on top things to see and do on a budget. A G Witt, via email

A: I’m going to go one better than telling you all the cheap things you can do, by telling you all the free things you can do.
First up, ride the Staten Island ferry, which gives a great view of the city. A round-trip is free. When you return to the island of Manhattan, take a short walk from the ferry terminal to find the National Museum of the American Indian, which is home to a number of exhibitions housed in the impressive Old Customs House building.

If you’re visiting on a Friday and don’t mind queuing, head to the Museum of Modern Art, which is free between 4pm-8pm. On Saturdays, you can visit the Brooklyn Museum for free during selected hours, and see brooklynmuseum.org for information on their Target First Saturdays schedule – there’s a great party every first Saturday of the month. Also on the weekend, you can take a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery for free on the hour from 1pm-5pm, no reservations taken.

 The Federal Bank of New York is another free attraction. You will need to register for one of the allocated 45-minute tours that take you through the history of money and the bank itself, at newyorkfed.org. Lastly, public park the High Line has been a must-visit since its 2011 opening. The park is built on a disused freight line above the streets of Manhattan’s West Side.

Q: My boyfriend and I have found cheap flights to Stockholm in June and wondered if there’s anything there worthy of a long weekend break? Ruth, via email

You won’t find Stockholm the cheapest of cities for a weekend break, but you will find plenty to do there and if your flights are really cheap, this might balance out the expense of holidaying in a Scandinavian capital city.

Youth hostels in Scandinavia are among the best in the world and Stockholm is home to a great hostel on a boat. The Af Chapman & Skeppsholmen is docked on the island of Skeppsholmen and has been recently renovated. A night there will cost you from £27 per person for a double room.

As you are visiting in summer, visit the islands of the Stockholm archipelago. Stockholm city holds the enviable position of being within easy reach of the 24,000 islands that make up the archipelago, and in summer the city’s population flocks to the islands for barbecues and swimming. The island Fjäderholmarna is only 20 minutes by ferry (fjaderholmslinjen.se), costs about £11 per person and has some excellent swimming spots.

Other great spots to visit in the city include preserved 17th-century ship the Vasa at Vasamuseet ( £11 entry) and open-air museum of Swedish culture Skansen (entrance £10).

A wander round Stockholm’s atmosheric and historical old town Gamla Stan is a must, too.

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Readers’ tips

Clean clothes
Finding a laundromat is near impossible right through Spain and Portugal (well, one that doesn’t cost €40!). So definitely pack washing powder/ detergent and a travel clothes line and handwash your clothes. You feel like Kramer in Seinfeld, but at least you’re not getting screwed over …
Glen Holt, via Facebook

Drying up
On your last day at a hostel, after a shower dry yourself using your bed sheets to avoid packing a wet towel.
Victoria Buckland, via email

Hm, not sure how hygienic this is? But the wet-towel-on-your-last-morning conundrum is an enduring one. Any other suggestions? – Travel Ed