This ancient country is essential to Europe’s identity, and there are diverse experiences to be had all over it. However, some of the most iconic activities that are associated with Ireland are more appropriate for adults than for children. It doesn’t matter how much you might like the local pub scene or learning about Irish history, chances are your kids just aren’t going to be able to participate. That’s why this list of family friendly places to visit while in Ireland is helpful. These places will be hits with the whole family.

1)  Giants Causeway

 Giants Causeway is one of the most curious geological marvels you’ll see anywhere. The result of nothing but the interaction between earth and water, you’ve never seen anything quite like this great Irish landmark. Gentle hiking is perfect for parents and kids. There’s plenty of outdoor fun with lots to look at. There is also plenty of eat nearby, and charming accommodations for your family. This is one of the sights that kids will remember for the rest of their lives. And because it’s accessible and affordable through tour providers like, you can be sure that it’ll be something your kids love.

credit: AdamUPrichard

2) Killarney

It doesn’t get a lot more Irish than Killarney. The town in Southwest Ireland is perfect for tourist families, without being as expensive and pandering as many other places that could have that description. The center of the city is right beside a lovely natural park. There is plenty to do whether your family enjoys time spent out of doors, or shopping, restaurants, and local entertainment. There are many people who intend for Killarney to be only a day stop, but who end up spending the entire vacation here.

3) The Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula has some of the most jawdroppingly beautiful vistas in all of Ireland. The ocean it borders is home to dolphins, which passersby frequently see while sailing or even just looking out at the water. If you want open spaces for kids to play, to enjoy the lovely peace of rolling hills and shining water, this is the place for you. It won’t have the crowds of many other places in the nation, and you can enjoy something uniquely Irish all the same.

4) Bunratty Castle

If you are coming from modern Europe or the United States, for example, your kids may be surprised to learn that there are still real castles in the world which you can visit. Bunratty is one of the most well-preserved and easiest to visit for families. It offers a lot to children, even featuring a wooden castle inside the walls. There are plenty of things to see, stories to tell, and passageways to explore. It will inspire your kids’ imaginations, and you’ll enjoy it a lot as well.

There are plenty of fun and affordable things in Ireland, appropriate for parents and their children. This list is far too small to contain them all. Do your own research and ask some friends. You’ll have a great trip planned in no time.