Cowell made a fierce declaration of support for his X Factor colleague Tullisa while at the launch of Britain’s Got Talent.

He said the N-Dubz popstar had nothing to be ashamed, nor concerned about.

“Tulisa doesn’t have to apologise for anything. The only person who has to apologise is the scumbag who sold the tape,” said Cowell.

“It’s private, it’s intimate and she did nothing wrong. People do these things in the bedroom believe it or not. I feel very sorry for her. He’s a scumbag and I feel very, very angry about this.”

Cowell added Tulisa would not lose her X Factor job over the sex tape.

He also said he didn’t want MC Ultra, who Tulisa has accused of leaking the sex act video footage, “within 100 miles of the X Factor studios”.

After staunch denials initially, Tulisa admitted she was in the sex tape.

“You never imagine for one minute that that the footage may at one point be shared with the rest of the UK or even people around the world, so as you can imagine, it’s a pretty tough time for me,” she said.