Twitter users mocked Kate Winslet for her “squealing” Emmy’s speech after she took home the gong for best actress in the title role of Mildred Pierce.

The star, who appeared to have been blindsided by the win, attracted jibes for her enthusiastic acceptance speech which saw her punch the air and gush "Oh look, I really did win it. Oh gosh, okay. Thank you so much.”

Dan Rebellato Tweeted: "You'd think, by now, it would have occurred to Kate Winslet (a) that she might win one of these awards and (b) to write a speech in case."

Another, James Lamond added: "Accidentally saw a Kate Winslet award acceptance speech. I feel pretty gross. I never want to see anything like that ever again."

Corrie Corfield paid tribute to Kate’s recent brave act of saving Richard Branson’s mother from a fire on Necker Island but still wasn’t impressed with the speech: "Dear Kate Winslet. Please stick to rescuing old ladies from burning buildings and not making squealing 'acceptance' speeches. #cringe."

Mei Gwynedd said: "Don't think I can take any more Kate Winslet thank you speeches."

As Winslet's first Emmy it will sit in an already crowded trophy cabinet – previously Winslet has won a Golden Globe for Revolutionary Road and an Oscar for The Reader.


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