The show was based around exaggerated sketches of people from all walks of life here in the UK. It also featured voiceovers from Tom Baker. Fans of the show will recognise the regular characters such as Lou and Andy, Daffyd Thomas and Vicky Pollard. 

The show made a switch to BBC 1 back in 2005, at which point it had 9.5 million viewers. This vast popularity prompted a live tour between 2005 and 2007, several Comic Relief marathons and a spin-off in the USA. 

There have been attempts to bring Little Britain back into the public eye. Including the launch of a Brexit episode on Radio 4 back in 2009 and the launch of a Little Britain slot game online.

Encounter the Antics of Lou & Andy, Vicky, Marjorie, Emily and Daffyd Once More!

Little Britain has been somewhat resurrected as an online slot game, developed by Playtech and launched by House of Fun. where Little Britain Slots can be played on  

Many recurring characters from the original series have been incorporated into this online slot game. Including Lou and Andy, Daffyd, Marjorie, Emily and Vicky. If you happen to win a game, a short video clip plays along with the character which is something of a trip down memory lane for fans of the original show.

The payments are reasonable. For example, if you win five Lou and Andy coins, you’re rewarded with 1000 coins. There are lots of bonus games to choose from, as well as a ‘free spins’ round. Here, you activate three scattered symbols over ten free spins with the chance of winning a prize and once again, have the opportunity to encounter the antics of your favourite characters.

Reminisce in Little Britain Nostalgia While having the Chance to Win Serious Cash 

This is a highly entertaining yet structured slot game featuring all your favourite phrases and characters from the original show. As well as the unforgettable bright and energetic visual themes that you can remember. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing games like Spamalot Slot or Madness Slot, you can expect something similar with the Little Britain slot game. 

Despite being sympathetic to the original, the comedy aspect is retained really well, entertaining everyone who uses it from fans of the show to general slot players. The game caters for many different levels, thanks to a high maximum bet of £25 per line. In fact, the bonus games provide much better value than just your average slot game.

The game starts with the iconic Little Britain theme music and voiceover, which is very similar to the original. Players can then bet as low as 1p per line from a maximum of 30 lines. If players are feeling particularly daring, they may wish to make use of the superfast or auto spins which can be triggered up to 99 times.

5 different bonuses are available, which are indicated by the bonus icon on lines 1, 3 and 5. Spinning the wheel then determines which type of bonus the player gets. If the player happens to be one symbol short of a payout, they can make use of wild symbols. These can activate as many as 10 bonus spins from logos located in reels 2, 4 and 5.

Be sure to also check out ‘cheat mode’ which can be accessed from the information menu. If you’re keen to see some of the video clips based on the actual gameplay, you can sample them here. You won’t even need to draw down your balance to do this!

Experience the Fun, Thrill and Laughter of the Little Britain Slot Game Today!

Little Britain was once considered a worldwide comedy success. These days, it is not heard of as often. However, it is somewhat coming back into fashion, partly thanks to its very own online slot game. 

This retains everything great about the original show, including the hilarious but risque characters, theme music and narration, all rolled into a thrilling slot game for both novices and professionals. 

It is packed with features, video clips, free spins and bonus games, providing hours of enjoyment and many laughs, particularly if you happen to win the x1000 prize. Don’t miss out on the fun, give it a try today!